Edwin Franko Goldman

(January 1, 1878-February 21, 1956)

Induction: February 2, 1980

Director of the Goldman Band in New York City.  Known worldwide for his New York Central Park outdoor concerts and for writing many great marches, including “On the Mall”.  Toured with his famous band and made many early live broadcasts.  Considered to be one of the greatest bandmasters of all time.  Known worldwide for his efforts to raise the standards of the American concert band.  Many national awards are named in his nonor.  Founder, Past President, and Past Honorary Life President of the American Bandmasters Association

Quick Facts:

Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
Son of David Henry and Selma Franko Goldman

Professional Trumpet player in the Metropolitan Opera House orchestra—1898

Founded the New York Military Band in 1911. Later became known as the “Goldman Band”

Composed over 150 works:
            “On the Mall”
            “Boy Scouts of America”
            “Onward Upward”
            “Chimes of Liberty”