Patrick Gilmore

(December 25, 1829 - September 25, 1892)

Induction: February 1, 1980

Founder and Director of Gilmore’s Band, the first great professional band in this country and one of the first bands to tour the United States after the Civil War.  Consider by many historians and musicologists to be the father of the band movement in America.  Nationally known for his many early musical extravanganzas and musical trends.  His New Orleans Band Festival is considered one of the largest band extravaganzas ever held even today’s standards.  Many national award in band are given in his honor. 

Quick Facts:

Birthplace:  Ballygar County Galway, Ireland
Spouse: Ellen O’Neill
Children: Minnie L. Gilmore

Began his music career at the age of 15

Became the leader of Suffolk, Boston Brigade, and Salem bands in Boston, Massachusetts in 1948

Worked in the Boston music store of John P. Ordway and founded Ordway’s Aeolians, a blackface minstrel group.

With the Salem Band, he marched in the Inaugural Parade of James Buchanan

Founded “Gilmore’s Band” in 1858

Held the 1st Promenade concert in America in 1855 which later became “The Boston Pops” 

Helped found “Gilmore’s Concert Garden” in New York City, NY, which is now known as Madison Square Garden

Musical Director of the Nations—led the festivities for the 1876 Centennial celebrations in Philadelphia, PA and dedication of the Statue of Liberty in 1886

He played for some of Thomas Edison’s first commercial recordings in 1891

Started the tradition of seeing in the New Year in Times Square in 1888